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Production - Editing - Motion Graphics

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I have 10+ years experience in video including producing, directing, motion graphics with the bulk of my years as a video editor. I’m Chicago based and always looking to collaborate on new projects. Take a look around at my  recent work and feel free to get in touch.


A little of this, a little of that

  • I’ve worked with Jesenia on two short film productions and saw for myself what an excellent editor Jesenia is. She has great attention to detail, doesn’t get flustered under pressure and knows how to deliver the final project with top notch quality. Aside from that, on a personal level, she’s a great listener, very easy going and a fun friend to be around with. I’m very glad to have met her!

    Shirin CaiolaActress/Producer

  • From the very start of our business relationship Jesenia has been exceptionally gracious and professional in terms of letting me know exactly what she needed from me. This included the finer technical details, even suggesting methodologies that would improve not only the product I handed to her but also other clients. Jesenia’s knowledge of her field is outstanding and her willingness to share is without bounds. It has been and continues to be a distinct pleasure to work with Jesenia, Northshore is lucky to have such an asset.

    Steve Lemieux-JordanEvanston Photographic

  • Had a great experience of working with Jesenia twice on location. She never panics, even when we throw piles of video and sound files her way in a rush to get the post work finished. She handles problems so well and treats everyone with respect. A real pleasure to work with. she truly understands and has mastered editing.

    Tom MaloneyLocation Sound Mixer

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